Slab Repairs

Concrete Pressed Piers:

When repairing a slab foundation, one of the most commonly found repair plans involve the use of Concrete Pressed Piers. When repairing foundations, and examining soil charts in Texas, it can be noted that there are expansive amounts of clay soils that are very common to the DFW area. Because of this, Concrete Pressed Piers are the optimal solution in the DFW area!


Process of a concrete pressed pier installation.

  1. Excavation of the pier location- 2ft x 2ft hole
  2. Pushing pre-formed concrete cylinders with a hydraulic machine using the weight of the home at the grade beam to press cylinders to the point of refusal
  3. Each pier is fitted with a cap and is ready to be lifted using 20 ton bottle jacks.
  4. Support Cylinders are set on top of cap-ready to be shimmed.
  5. Pier installation complete – holes are then back-filled.

Steel Piers:

Steel Piers are another option when repairing a slab foundation. These piers can be used in all the same instances as a concrete pressed pier and more. We recommend Steel Piers for commercial buildings, homes that require a high load bearing support, or more commonly when the soil in the area consists of a more sand where deeper pier depth can be gained. Steel piers also have the benefit of cutting through thin layers of harder strata between the clay layers, which can sometimes present a false point of refusal.

Installing a Steel Pier is performed exactly the same way as a Concrete Pier, with the exception that one foot double walled sections of steel piping are using in lieu of precast concrete cylinders.

Our piers are backed by a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty that has stood the test of time! The Lifetime Transferable Warranty covers piers that we have installed on the property, and adjustments that can be made to those to help the home in a positive way. Learn more »