Pier & Beam Repairs

In the Pier and Beam area of the foundation industry, there are two types of foundations. Those with perimeter grade beams, and those without them.

When a home has a grade beam, the perimeter can be repaired using Concrete or Steel Pressed piers backed by our Lifetime Transferrable Warranty.

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In the case that wood replacement becomes necessary, beams, joists and even subflooring often have to be replaced. Reasons for wood replacement can include:

  1.     Wood-Rot
  2.     Twisted Beams
  3.     Insect Damage etc,

In a pier & beam foundation, crawl space ventilation is required to minimize the potential future damage of wood conditions under the home. Wood can become cracked, damaged or rotted due to inadequate ventilation from excess moisture. Vents or fans can be installed to regulate moisture under the home.

Understructure work retains a One- Year Transferrable Warranty. This warranty covers shimming and wood replacement in the area that the work was performed. Learn more »