Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Repair

Q: What are common signs that a property has foundation problems?

Cracks in the property’s bricks that follow a stair-step pattern are usually a sure sign that you need work done to your foundation.

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Cracks near doors are often caused by foundation problems, like all cracks they will get worse if the cause is not corrected.

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Cracks near windows and window separation mean your foundation may have problems.

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Other signs of foundation problems are:

  1. Doors sticking
  2. Sheetrock crack
  3. Change in slopes
  4. Window Separation
  5. Cracks in flooring
  6. Brick or mortar cracks
  7. Freezeboard separation
  8. Obvious slopes in the floor(s).
  9. Separation or cracks in ceiling
  10. Washed out spots under your foundation that leave the foundation exposed are typically bad.
  11. Doors and windows in your client’s property become harder to open and close at different times of the year.

Q: What Repair System is right for your property?

Piering is the technique of driving concrete or steel pipe pilings to remedy failing home and building foundations and to correct foundation settlement.

Q: What are some of the causes of foundation problems?

  1. Locations of trees/shrubs roots
  2. Contraction/expansion of clay/soil
  3. Overhydration due to plumbing leaks
  4. Inadequate drainage & proper guttering
  5. Change in weather conditions: excess heat/sun

Q: I think my client may have foundation problems. Is it serious?

Yes, it is serious! Foundation problems will only get worse over time causing more damage and costing you and your client more time and money! The time to fix your foundation is now while it can still be handled for a reasonable price.

Q: Can I sell a house or property even if it has foundation problems?


Yes… and no. Yes, you can sell your house if it has foundation problems– as long as the buyer pays cash for the house AND agrees to buy it even with the existing foundation problems.

Typically, the only people that can afford to buy a home with unfixed foundation problems and pay cash for it are investors. An investor usually will NOT give you the price you or your client want for a property, and that will hurt YOUR bottom line.

However, more and more mortgage companies will NOT lend on a house that has foundation problems until they have been fixed. They don’t see it as a safe investment for them or for the buyer. MBRGFR.com has a program where you can fund at closing* (or pay when the house is sold.)(*Certain conditions apply.)

Q: Are certain times of the year better than others to fix foundation problems?

No, not really. The best time to fix foundation problems is as soon as possible. In other words… right now!

Q: How long should I wait after having my foundation fixed to make other repairs to a home?

We typically recommend that you wait 30 days after we complete the foundation repairs on your home before beginning any other repairs on your home (sheet rock repair, cracks in walls and brick, windows, doors, room additions, remodeling, paint, or flooring, etc.)

Q: Should a home get remodeled before, or after, fixing the foundation?

First, fix the foundation…then, remodel the home.

Q: How do I choose a company I can trust to fix my foundation?

MBRGFR.com has been in business for over 27 years in the Metroplex. We have an outstanding reputation.

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